Tri-Laboratory and University Alliance Center scientists and engineers primarily access the LLNL Advanced Simulation and Computing (ASC) systems through an automated resource management and accounting tool that obeys a developed policy for routine computing. When necessary, users may also receive expedited access to the systems that would allow them to run larger problems for longer periods of time. The “non routine” runs need to be justified on the basis of their priority to the program. This form lets you submit a request for a priority run on the compute platforms listed below.

NOTE If you do not receive a confirmatory email, your request has not been submitted and you should submit again or call the LC Hotline.

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NOTE: Dedicated runs will generally be done over weekends, from 16:00 Friday to 08:00 the following Monday.

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NOTE: If you are an PSAAP user, your bank is as follows:
U of Colorado uco
U of Illinois uiuc
Stanford stanford
U of Texas Austin utxa
SUNY Buffalo sunyb
MIT mit
U of Maryland umd
U of New Mexico unm
Oregon State orsu
Is the code threaded?
Does this code have restart capability, i.e., can it be killed if needed and then resubmitted to continue the simulation?
Data requirements (specify units: MB, GB, or TB)
(Operators can perform commands such as ls, head, tail, and cat, but cannot do other actions as if they were logged in as the DAT user.)
Briefly describe what you intend to accomplish during this DAT, and its programmatic impact or institutional impact.

Guidance for Dedicated Application Runs on ASC Resources

Priorities will be given in this order:

  1. Capability Computing Campaign (CCC) projects
  2. Stockpile Stewardship Program (SSP) or University Alliance Center milestone or “site-visit” runs
  3. SSP Priority calculations
  4. “Big science” calculations
  5. Code development in support of above, or systems tuning for performance
  6. Anything ASC related
  7. All other runs

Finer-grained decisions (for instance, between competing candidates in the same category) will be mediated during the Priority Runs scheduling meetings and resolved, if necessary, by appeal to the LLNL ASC Program Office. When exceptions to the policies are desired, they must be approved by either the LLNL ASC Program Office or LC Management.

Here's a more detailed explanation of the Policies for Expedited Priority Runs on LLNL ASC Platforms.