Users may now edit their default shells in their IDM profile. First, click your OUN in the menu in the top right corner of IDM. This will take you to your profile page. 

The blue menu bar in the top right corner of IDM with the profile link circled in red.
IDM profile

Scroll down to your Accounts summary. If you have multiple LC accounts, each account will have its own default shell. To edit an account's default shell, click "Select a shell" and you'll be able to choose a shell from a drop down menu.

IDM account info including a link to select a new default shell
Select a shell

Once you've selected a new shell, a blue Save button will appear. Click this to save your changes. 

The blue button to save default shell changes.
Save shell changes button

Note that it is also possible for an account to have different default shells for each network the account exists on (OCF and/or SCF). This isn't visible in IDM as there are very few people who want a different default on the OCF than on the SCF. If you want a different default in each network, please contact the IDM admins to make that change for you. 

In addition to your default shell, you can set a specific shell for each host you have access to. If you don't select a shell for a host, your default shell will be used. To edit a shell selection for a host, scroll down to the Host Settings section in your Accounts summary.

A view of cjohns' host settings with links to edit each host and a link to revert all hosts' shells back to default.
host settings

Each shell can be changed by clicking the link. The link will take you to a form with pre-populated fields for the host and account names.

A form in IDM to edit cjohns' shell for the host arcadia-scf-resource
edit host shells form, pre-populated with hosts and account

All you need to do is choose the shell you'd like for that host. You may edit the shells for multiple hosts at once by clicking Select Hosts and selecting the desired hosts from the pop-up menu. Click submit when you're done.

If you have host settings and wish to revert them all back to the default, you can go back to your Host Settings in your IDM profile and click blue button that reads "Change All Host Shells To Default Shell". This button is a shortcut to submit requests to edit each host's shell to the default shell. You will be asked if you're sure before you proceed. 

The blue button that allows a user to revert all host shell settings to default.
button to change all host shells back to the account's default shell