About Us

Livermore Computing Center’s flagship facility, Building 453, supports Lawrence Livermore National Lab’s critical national missions and science.

Applying and Supporting State-of-the-Art Computing

At the Department of Energy (DOE) facilities such as Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), high-performance computing (HPC) has become the “third leg” of research, joining theory and experiment as an equal partner. HPC enables discovery and innovation through the extraordinary simulations it makes possible. At LLNL, Livermore Computing (LC) provides the systems, tools, and expertise that make these simulations run smoothly and that ensure that the Laboratory and its researchers can fulfill their vital national security research and development role for the nation.


LC’s missions are threefold:


Most of LC’s top-ranked supercomputers and computing experts are located in the LC Center—Building 453, formerly known as the Terascale Simulation Facility—and the adjacent Building 451. A certified green building, the center boasts 48,000 square feet of unobstructed computer room floor, 30 megawatts of machine power capacity, and 7,200 tons of air conditioning capacity. LC’s recently completed Building 654 features 6,000 square feet of computer floor space and can scale up to 7.5 megawatts of computational capacity in the future.


For information about touring Building 453, please contact hpc-tours@llnl.gov.

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