Livermore Computing (LC) helps furnish, support, and maintain the computing backbone of the Lab, providing the computational horsepower and associated software and file systems needed to conduct simulations that are essential to scientific investigation, experimentation, and verification. This might include modeling various nanostructures to understand how they will affect the behavior of a material, designing high-energy-density physics experiments that will be put to the test at the National Ignition Facility, or modeling the physical processes underlying past nuclear test results to better assess the safety and reliability of a nuclear device. LC machines are also used to help scientists better understand how the world is changing, through climate simulations, and to help make the world safer, thanks to Global Security and multi-institutional Advanced Simulation and Computing Program initiatives.

LC is about more than just big computers, though. It also provides 24/7 computing support for its systems, ensuring that Livermore employees, visiting researchers, and national laboratory and university collaborators can get their work done as efficiently and effectively as possible. Fulfilling the Lab’s mission—enhancing the nation’s defense and responding with technical excellence to scientific issues of national importance—simply would not be possible without the support provided by Livermore Computing.

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