LC Hotline: 2-4531

From offsite: (925) 422-4531



8am–12pm, 1–4:45pm
B453 R1103 | Q-clearance area

LC Mailing Lists

NOTE This page pertains to LC mailing lists only.  For general LLNL listserv questions, call 4-HELP (4-4357) or click the links below.

The LC Hotline will automatically subscribe you to the appropriate machine-status lists when you are given a new account on a machine. We recommend that you always use the official ID form of your e-mail address when subscribing to e-mail lists because it won't change, while e-mail aliases do change.

How to Subscribe to a Mailing List  and Manage Subscriptions

Information about subscribing and unsubscribing to lists can be found on

E-mail Account Updates

Use the Exchange Tools to update selected personal information, such as e-mail alias or e-mail delivery address. This Web interface is for LLNL personnel only.