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Tecplot 360


Tecplot 360 is a product from Tecplot, Inc. Tecplot 360 is visualization software with a complete suite of XY, 2D, 3D and animation capabilities for visualizing simulation data. For a detailed list of features, please check the Tecplot 360 web page.


Machines and Versions

See LC graphics software page.




No special settings are required to run Tecplot on the LC machines. On a local Linux workstation, just follow the install instructions below and it should be OK.


As a convenience, you can just type tec360 to run the latest version (2008 R2) of tecplot. If this does not work, try typing use tecplot, then tec360. If you are using Tecplot on a Powerwall, then type use tecplot-powerwall, then tec360.*

Older versions are no longer available, as the license server is not compatible with older versions.

Note: Tecplot 360 requires GLX (Open GLX Extension) to be available on your local workstation. If you do not have GLX (you get "can't find OpenGL" or "missing GLX library" type errors), you may either 1) Run tecplot with the -mesa option, or 2) Upgrade your local X Server to a version that supports OpenGL extensions.

Note: The special dotkit command tecplot-powerwall sets your LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable so that Tecplot uses MesaGL to render. Do not use the tecplot-powerwall command in the same shell with high performance OpenGL programs such as Blockbuster, EnSight, or VisIt or you will see performance degradation.


Tecplot 360 manuals, FAQ's, Support Notes, tutorials, and other helpful information can be accessed from Tecplot's Tecplot 360 Support.

Help is also available from the Tecplot Help menu.

Additional help can be obtained through Tecplot's technical support services. You may use the LLNL Tecplot 360 license number in your support requests. The license number can be found by running Tecplot 360 on one of LC's machines and selecting the Help->About_Tecplot menu item, or by contacting LC's Graphics Support.

LLNL help with Tecplot is available from the, (925) 422-4531 and LC's Graphics Support.

Download and Local Installation

If you have an account on the LC platforms, you can install Tecplot 360 on your local LLNL workstation and use the LC license number.. Tecplot can be downloaded from Tecplot's web page, after you register for a free user account with Tecplot.


To install on linux, untar the linux.tgz file you downloaded and run the setup program. Specify a network license and give it the LLNL license number. After installing Tecplot on your localhost, you must set the TEC360HOME environment variable on your machine. If you told the installer to place the installation in /usr/local/Tecplot/, then do the following (assuming bash shell):

export TEC360HOME=/usr/local/Tecplot This tells Tecplot where to find important resources, such as the license file.

We also suggest setting the following convenience variable:

export TECPHYFILE=$HOME/.tecplot.phy This tells Tecplot to not place tecplot.phy files all over the place.

Also, you must install the correct license file so that Tecplot can find the license server. This is done by editing the file $TEC360HOME/tecplotlm.lic so that it contains the following two lines:

HOST 0 28530
ISV teclmd

or you could alternatively grab it from any LC machine using scp as shown in the example below. Note: You must use your actual username instead of the word "username" and use a an actual cluster name in place of ""

scp $TEC360HOME/tecplotlm.lic


You might have to install Tecplot as administrator. In our tests, that's the procedure we followed. Run the installer and install Python 2.5.1 if it requests you to. Accept the license agreement, and when it asks if you are installing evaluation or purchased, select "purchased." Select "network license". For the license server name, enter the following for unclassified network: 0 28530 

For the classified network, enter the following: 0 28530 

If tecplot does not start up and complains about the license server, then you might have to edit the license file on your Windows machine by hand. The license file lives wherever you installed Tecplot, which for our installation was C:\Program Files\Tecplot\Tec360 2009\tecplotlm.lic. That file can be edited using Notepad. It should read as follows for the OCF.

HOST 0 28530
ISV teclmd

For SCF, it should be:

HOST 0 28530

Happy plotting!


Download and install the software from the above link and install the version appropriate for your Mac. You probably need to be system administrator, as the software is installed in /Applications. During installation, the installer will ask you your license type. Tell it "Purchased," and give it the LLNL License number. Next tell it that you have a Network license. When it asks the server name, type the following: 0 28530 

If you have problems with the license after installation, edit the file /Applications/Tec360_2009/tecplotlm.lic using your favorite plain text editor, such as BBEdit or TextEdit or emacs to read as follows for the OCF.

HOST 0 28530
ISV teclmd 

For SCF, it should be:

HOST 0 28530
ISV teclmd