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Testbeds and GPUs

The Networking and Testbeds project provides research, performance testing, capability testing, and analysis for the file system, network, and interconnect subsystems in support of current and future systems and environments. This work relies heavily on an adequately provisioned testbed, skilled staff, and collaborations with vendors. This project tests various hardware and software components to quantify the features, performance, reliability, security, and interoperability of the products and broader technology base. The information acquired as a result of this project will be used to help determine an integrated architecture and resultant procurements for these subsystems.

For access to testbed hardware, contact the LC Hotline at 925-422-4531 (OCF e-mail:, SCF e-mail:

For information about the IPA Testbed, contact Trent d'Hooge.

Zone Nodes Cores/ Node Total Cores Memory/ Node Total Memory (GB) GPU Architecture Total GPUs GPUs per compute node GPU peak performance (TFLOP/s double precision) GPU global memory (GB) Switch Bandwith to Lustre (GB/sec) Peak TFLOPs (GPUs) Peak TFLOPS (CPUs+GPUs)
Max SCF 324 16 5,184 256 82,944 NVIDIA Kepler K20X 40 2 78,336 IB QDR 52.4 160.2
RZHasGPU OCF-RZ 20 16 320 128 2,560 NVIDIA Tesla K80 64 4 60.00 768 IB QDR 59.8 68.0
Surface OCF-CZ 162 16 2,592 256 41,500 NVIDIA Tesla (mixed) 316 2 452.00 3,792 IB QDR 451.9 505.8