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EZOUTPUT: Printing from LC Systems

This manual provides a basic guide for generating output and transferring files on LC computers. It outlines naming and locating tips for local network printers and introduces local tools (such as LISTPQ) for discovering and taking advantage of LC's standardized print-queue names. It explains how to convert older graphics file formats into PostScript for printing with LP, LPR, or APR, and explains how to print files using LP, LPR, or APR, whichever is most appropriate for your situation. EZOUTPUT introduces the utilities SCP, FTP, SFTP and NFT, and Hopper. LC's special open/secure File Interchange Service (FIS) is also discussed.

Detailed technical instructions for the tools and techniques introduced in EZOUTPUT are available for FTP (with SFTP), NFT, HTAR, Hopper, and FIS. You may also want to consult the basic guide for using local directories and for general file-handling software at LC, called EZFILES.

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