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Hopper is a powerful interactive tool that allows users to graphically move, copy, find, delete, and otherwise operate on files. Users can connect to and manipulate resources using ftp, ssh, sftp, htar, Endeavor (nft), and other protocols.

Operations include changing permissions, checking access, searching using wildcards, synchronizing directories, and many others.

Key Features

  • Drag-and-drop interface for file transfers between local and remote hosts or between remote hosts
  • Diverse protocol support, including ftp, ssh, sftp, HPSS client API, htar, hsi, jar, zip, tar, and Endeavor (NFT)
  • Simultaneous transfers, searches, and other operations
  • Search by content or by filename using wildcards, regular expressions, and other criteria
  • Synchronize directories between any two systems
  • Perform high level data management tasks, including access checking, permission changing, etc.