LC is pleased to announce the migration of the /usr/workspace file systems to new hardware.  All three of these file systems (CZ, RZ, and SCF) will be replaced over the coming two months.  To minimize downtime and user impact we will rsync the file systems prior to migration.  All data on the existing /workspace file systems will be copied.  The process to do the final migration is as follows:

  1. Set current workspace file system read-only.
  2. Start final rsync processes on the slic system.
  3. Unmount current workspace on all nodes.  (This may require killing jobs and logins.)
  4. Mount new workspace file system on all nodes
  5. As each directory's sync process completes and is verified the normal access will be granted.

LC hopes most users will be given access to their data fairly quickly.  Our best estimate is that 90% of directories will be available within a few hours.  However, directories with a large number of files will take longer to complete.  Consequently some users will not have access for a longer amount of time.  The schedule of the migrations is as follows (SCF info in green, UPDATED: 12/17/18):

CZ /workspace 11/13/18 8:00AM-6:00PM
RZ /workspace 11/28/18 8:00AM-6:00PM
SCF /workspace  1/16/19 8:00AM-6:00PM