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Technical Bulletin #531: Direct Access to LC RZ Systems Now Available as RZ Gateway Access No Longer Required

Users may now directly SSH to the majority of LC RZ systems login nodes utilizing your RZ RSA token. You no longer need to SSH to the RZ gateway as a first hop. Check your SSH configuration files as you may have automated the old two-hop process. It is still required that you start from either an LLNL IP (onsite or VPN) or an Tri-Lab IP via iHPC network.  RZ hosts now directly accept the required RZ tokens.

Systems accepting direct logins are:

  • RZAnsel
  • RZAlastor
  • RZGenie
  • RZHasgpu
  • RZManta
  • RZSlic
  • RZSonar
  • RZNavajo
  • RZThriller
  • RZTopaz

Please note that users will continue to login via RZGW in order to login to the  RZuseqlac* login nodes.  LC is working with the institution to allow direct logins RZVNC and hope to have this implemented shortly. (UPDATE: This was implemented on 9/30/19.) LC does not plan to modify the RZuseq login nodes to allow direct logins at this time.