Due to security requirements, RZFastfis users cannot connect directly to RZFastfis from off site.  To move a file from your local Mac or PC while off site to RZFastfis you must first move the file to an LC RZ system.  When RZFastfis accounts were created all users were given an account on a system named rzslic.llnl.gov.  We recommend moving the files to that system first and then uploading them from rzslic to RZFastfis.  Here are the steps to do that:

  1. Start VPN on off-site system
  2. Start Hopper
  3. Pull down Connect to remote -> rzslic.llnl.gov
  4. Drag and drop files from desktop Hopper window to rzslic home directory Hopper window
  5. Quit Hopper
  6. Start X-win32 (windows) or XQuartz (Mac)
  7. Ssh to rzslic.  If on a Mac using XQuartz use the command ssh -Y rzslic.llnl.gov
  8. Once on rzslic start hopper.  Your file(s) should appear in your home directory.
  9. Connect to Remote -> rzfastfis
  10. Drag file from rzslic home directory hopper window into TO folder on rzfastfis hopper window.  Repeat as necessary.

If you have any questions please contact the LC Hotline Technical Consultants at lc-hotline@llnl.gov