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Dates & Times

July 1-2, 2024
9:00am–4:30pm, both Monday and Tuesday


WebEx & Research Library (B4727) classroom

This is a hybrid event.

In person attendees: We have 30 in-person spots. In-person attendees will have the option to participate in hands-on activities even if they do not yet have LC accounts/tokens.

Online attendees: Online attendees will receive a link to join via WebEx.


This 2-day workshop covers the "getting started" basics for using Livermore Computing's (LC) High Performance Computing (HPC) systems. It is intended to help LLNL summer interns (and others) get up to speed quickly with using LC's supercomputers. Topics include:

  • Introduction to parallel computing
  • Overview of LC's HPC resources and computing environment
  • Using LC's HPC Linux clusters (with hands-on exercises)
  • Running jobs and using LC's SLURM batch systems (with hands-on exercises)
  • Introductory parallel programming with MPI (with hands-on exercises)
  • Introductory parallel programming with OpenMP (with hands-on exercises)
  • Debugging serial and parallel applications using the TotalView debugger
  • Popular tools & services on LC:
        - LC GitLab
        - Python via the module system
        - Python packages
        - Jupyter notebooks via JupyterHub
        - Custom kernels for Jupyter
        - Access to database services & object storage

The Agenda section below provides links to the workshop materials for detailed information.

Please note that this is a slightly abbreviated edition of our workshop offered the week of June 10.

What to bring

Online attendees:

Viewers who wish to participate in hands-on exercises must have a LC username and token.

In order to view these tutorials, one will have to download and install WebEx.

In-person attendees:

Please bring your LC username/token if you have them. Users without LC accounts will be assigned a username and token for the workshop.

Please bring a laptop (mandatory - laptops not provided).

All attendees:

SSH software with X11 capability must be installed in order to connect to LC systems for the hands-on exercises. Mac systems will need XQuartz or something similar. Windows users will need to install an SSH client, such as X-Win32 (provided by Ivanti Management on LLNL systems), or use RealVNC.

**We will update attendees with more info about what to install prior to the workshop.**


All sessions are presented at an introductory level.Yet:

  • Some knowledge and experience with using Linux is required.
  • A basic understanding of programming with C, C++ or Fortran is an essential prerequisite for the MPI and OpenMP sessions.


Registration has been reopened, below.

Please only register as in-person if you will attend in the B4727 classroom. If your plans change, please let us know so that we may give your spot to another person.


No cost.


Please call LC Hotline or send e-mail to:

Draft Agenda

Mon July 1
9:00am–12:00 pm  Livermore Computing Resources and Environment (hardware, software)
1:30pm–4:30pm Popular tools & services on LC, including GitLab
Tues July 2
9:00am–12:00pm Introduction to Parallel Computing 
1:30pm–4:30pm OpenMP and Message Passing Interface (MPI)


Participant Information

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