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Presenter: Alan Scott | Sandia National Laboratory

Date & Time: Monday, October 3, 2022 | 1PM – 4PM Pacific

Location: WebEx


On October 3rd, Alan Scott will provide a fully virtual tutorial on ParaView, an open source, multi-platform tool for data analysis and visualization.

The tutorial will be lecture-style, with Alan sharing his screen and walking through the most important features for new ParaView users. For more on the sort of content to be covered, please refer to

Since there will not be direct hands-on support, those that wish to follow along should either install ParaView locally or test running ParaView from a login node on LC systems in advance of the tutorial. We recommend ParaView version 5.10.0 or newer. Please refer to our docs for more info.


Alan has been part of the ParaView team for over 17 years.  Alan’s contributions to ParaView include creating and maintaining the Classroom Tutorials, which he has given dozens of times over the last 15 years.  He is the architect of the help menu, primary QA manager for ParaView worldwide, and helps create and prioritize ParaView’s future feature set from a customer viewport.  Alan builds and installs Paraview on all LANS and clusters at Sandia, Trinity at LANL, and Lassen and Sierra at LLNL. 

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