EZFILES: File Systems & Storage

There are number of storage options available for LC users. These options range from temporary compute node storage which persists until the end of a job to permanent data storage within a state of the art tape archive. 

An overview of storage options is summarized in the table below. The remainder of this booklet includes details for each piece.

Name Location Quota File System Shared? Access Backed up? Purged?

Home Directory


16 GB NFS Yes, Global* Yes No
Workspace CZ: /usr/workspace/ws[a,b]/<workspaceName>
RZ: /usr/workspace/wsrz[c,d]/<workspaceName>
SCF: /usr/workspace/ws[1,2]/<workspaceName>
1 TB NFS Yes, Global* Snapshot No
Local Temporary


None CN Local No, Machine Local No Yes, end of job
Parallel I/O /p/[lustre|gpfs][number]
  • Tier1: 20 TB; 1 M files
  • Tier2: 75 TB; 10 M files
  • Tier3: Custom allocation
PFS Some, per Machine** No No
Archive HTAR, HSI aquota
> show allowance
HPSS From -SLIC Machines Yes Never

* "Global" access to these file systems exists within one of three networks: OCF CZ, OCF RZ, and SCF.

** For a matrix of file system to cluster connections visit the following pages
CZ: https://lc.llnl.gov/fsstatus/fsstatus.cgi