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File Interchange Service (FIS)

The Livermore Computing (LC) file interchange service (FIS) allows LC users to transfer files between the unclassified Open Computing Facility (OCF)—both the Collaboration Zone (CZ) and the Restricted Zone (RZ)—and the classified Secure Computing Facility (SCF). This document describes how FIS works and how to use it effectively.

Two implementations of FIS are available. One implementation uses an electronic One Way Link (OWL), and the other uses tape technology.  The OWL implementation is unidirectional, is much faster, and is used for transfers from the OCF CZ and RZ to the SCF. The tape technology FIS is bidirectional and is primarily used for transfers from the SCF to the OCF. On the iSNSI network, OWL is available for transfer from the OCF to the iSNSI network and Pinot cluster, as well as a tape implementation for transfer between the OCF and the iSNSI network and Pinot cluster .

Note: Throughout this document, the OWL implementation of FIS is referred to as FastFIS, while the tape implementation of FIS is referred to as TapeFIS.

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