Create a config file on your local machine using one of our templates. Select the instructions relevant to you under the “Example Config Files” section at For example, you will go to if you are a CZ & RZ user.

If you do not have yellow network access, and are on the CZ, you can use the template below.

  1. Copy the text of the template to a file at ~/.ssh/config on your local system.

  2. Make the following adjustements to your copy of config:

    • Make sure the ssh (private) key file named on the line IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa matches your own.
    • Make sure you add your LC username on the last line of the file User <YOUR_LC_USERNAME_HERE>, replacing <YOUR_LC_USERNAME_HERE>.
    • Make sure the config file, like your ssh keys, lives in $HOME/.ssh.

Minimal CZ .ssh/config

— Minimal .ssh/config file for CZ users —

# — Minimal .ssh/config file for CZ users —

# Proxy connections to LC Gitlabs through jump host
    ProxyCommand        ssh oslic -W %h:7999
    ControlMaster       no

# Jump host
Host oslic
    PreferredAuthentications password