To address the need for Restricted Zone (RZ) users to move data between their desktops and the RZ, Livermore Computing (LC) has deployed a machine named rzstage that allows easy and secure file transfers using SCP or SFTP between RZ users’ desktop machines in the LLNL Enterprise Network and file systems mounted in the RZ. Because access to rzstage does not require going through the RZ gateway machine (, authentication requires an LC user name and CRYPTOCard PIN + token code. All RZ NFS file systems (e.g., /nfs/tmp2/, /g/gNN/<username>, /usr/gapps) are available on rzstage, but the Lustre file systems (i.e., /p/lscratch[abcd]) are not mounted. RZ users may once again archive programmatically restricted (i.e., UCNI, NNPI) desktop files on LC’s High Performance Storage System (HPSS). Note that rzstage is distinct from rzgw, which must still be used for logins to RZ compute clusters.

Accessing rzstage

RZ users may access via SFTP, SCP, or Hopper using their LC user name and CRYPTOCard PIN + token code to authenticate.

Hopper version 2.7.2 has enhancements that facilitate interacting with rzstage. From the Hopper Connect menu, select Connect to rzstage, enter your LC user name, and click the Connect button. Use your CRYPTOCard PIN + token code to authenticate when prompted. (Version 2.7.2 of Hopper can be retrieved via LANDesk for Windows users and may be downloaded from for all platforms.) When using older versions of Hopper, use the Connect to remote menu item, enter ‘rzstage’ for the Host and your LC user name for the User, select SFTP from the Protocol dropdown, click the Connect button, and authenticate as above.

After authentication, users will by default land in their RZ home directory (/g/gNN/<username>). If using a version of Hopper earlier than 2.7.2, the first file transfer will prompt for your CRYPTOCard PIN + token code password. (Subsequent file transfers will not require further authentication.) Consult the Hopper Web pages for additional information about using Hopper.

Transferring Files to Archival Storage

RZ users can only transfer files into HPSS from RZ machines. To transfer files from their desktop computers to HPSS, RZ users must first stage the files to an RZ file system as described above. After the files have been staged, users can log into rzslic by connecting through the rzgw machine. From rzslic, users may transfer files to HPSS using Hopper or one of the various command-line tools such as NFT, FTP, HTAR, or HSI. For more details on moving files into storage, consult the EZSTORAGE page.

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