On Wednesday, July 12, the Livermore Computing Data Storage Group will release a new version of HTAR on all open (OCF) and secure (SCF) production machines. HTAR—a utility that combines a flexible file-bundling tool with fast parallel access to high performance storage—allows users to store and selectively retrieve very large sets of files efficiently. This update to HTAR allows specifying entries to exclude during creation of new archive files.

New Feature

This update adds several exclude options that can be specified.

To create an HTAR archive file named myproject.htar, in pre-existing subdirectory case3, from files in your local directory sourcedir, but exclude entries matching globbing pattern “*A”:

htar --exclude=*A -cvf case3/myproject.htar sourcedir

To create an HTAR archive recursively excluding entries matching a list of shell patterns specified in “file”:

htar --exclude-from=file -cvf case3/myproject.htar sourcedir

Files excluded during an HTAR archive creation are not listed by default. To enable listing of excluded files, create an .htarrc file in your home directory with the following contents:

DisplayExcludedObjects = yes

More Information

A brief syntax summary is available in the HTAR man pages or by using the command htar –?.

For details on all HTAR options, and the complete list of all exclude options, see the HTAR Manual.

PDF of TB519