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Connecting to LANL HPC Platforms

Use these instructions to connect to both classified and unclassified HPC machines at LANL.

Classified Machine Access

  1. Login to a classified (SCF) LC machine.
  2. Make sure you have a valid kerberos crediential - use the klist -f command. If in doubt, get a forwardable kerberos credential by authenticating with the kinit -f command.
  3. Use a compound SSH command that connects to the LANL gateway machine and then to a front-end login machine of your choice. For example, connecting to a cielo front-end machine:

    ssh -l lanl_userid -t ssh
    You should then be logged into the front end machine without the need for a password.

Copying Files between LLNL and LANL Classified Machines

After logging in to a classified machine at either site, and authenticating with kinit -f, you can use optimized Tri-lab file transfer scripts, including file transfer to storage systems. These scripts use hsi, htar and pftp protocols. For details see Tri-lab high bandwidth file transfers over SecureNet.

Unclassified Machine Access

LANL's unclassified machines reside on either the turquoise or the yellow network, and login procedures are different for each network.

Accessing the LANL Turquoise (Open Collaborative) Network

  1. From any location (including the LANL yellow network), use your LANL user name and LANL CRYPTOCard to SSH to the LANL gateway, For example:
    ssh -l lanlmoniker
    password: from LANL CRYPTOCard
  2. Successfully logging in to provides you with credentials that allow you to SSH to a LANL HPC front-end node. Example Turquoise network front-end nodes are:
    • Mustang: mu-fe1, mu-fe2, mu-fe3, mu-fe4, mu-fe5
    • Mapache: mp-fe1, mp-fe2
    • Conejo: cj-fe1, cj-fe2

Accessing Cielito on the LANL Yellow (Unclassified Protected) Network via iHPC Gateway

Tri-Lab users from Sandia or LLNL can utilize the iHPC gateway to remotely access Cielito. From LLNL:

  1. Login to an LLNL unclassified machine and authenticate locally using kinit -f and your LLNL credentials.
  2. Use a compound SSH command that connects to the LANL iHPC gateway and then to a Cielito front end node. For example:

    ssh -l lanl_userid ssh ct-fe1
    When prompted for a password on the Cielito front end node, use your LANL cryptocard password.

Accessing Cielito on the LANL Yellow (Unclassified Protected) Network via Web Portal

To reach the LANL yellow network, you will need a LANL Z-number, CRYPTOCard, and the ability to access the LANL Web portal at After connecting to the LANL Web portal, enter your LANL Z-number and passcode from LANL CRYPTOCard. For first time accesses, you will be led through a series of prompts for downloading LANL software. After completing this successfully, you will be connected to the portal opening page, which allows you to launch a terminal session, check LANL e-mail, and view LANL internal Web pages, as shown below.

To connect to Cielito, supply the appropriate login/front-end node name, or just click on the "Cielito" terminal session icon/link.

Documentation for LANL machines can be found by clicking on the link.

For questions and problems, contact LANL HPC support at: