Sina makes simulation meta-data collection and exploration simple.
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(WE G)ot Sina's back-end🔗

  • WEG provides MariaDB to support persistence of Sina data and results.

How to configure Sina in the LC Collaboration Zone (CZ)🔗

You can launch it using LaunchIT🔗

We have recently launched an application that allows LC users to provision LC cloud resources for themselves automatically. The application -- LaunchIT -- can be accessed at

After signing in at with your LC username and RSA one-time password (OTP), you can view available resources in the Catalog and your already-provisioned resources via your Dashboard.

For Sina users we recommend requesting MariaDB.

After creating these resources, you will be able to access the metadata of the resources you've created from LaunchIT, such as authentication credentials for databases you may have created. This metadata is available by going to your Dashboard -> your project (for example, cz-<username>) -> your resource/pod (for example, a MariaDB instance).

MariaDB configuration file🔗

After provisioning a MariaDB instance, view the metadata for your MariaDB pod as described in the last section. You should see something like

pod info screenshot

Use the metadata from this view to create a file called my.cnf with the following format:

Config File screenshot

You can store my.cnf on the LC CZ and tell Sina where to find it by specifying its path (<PATH_TO_MY_CNF>) as described in the next section.

Access and Secure

MariaDB connection access will be available within the LC Network.
Please make sure the file has the correct permissions.
If you feel the secret was compromised please contact the LC Hotline.


Using Sina to connect to MariaDB🔗


$ source /collab/usr/gapps/wf/releases/sina/bin/activate
$ sina <COMMAND> --database-type sql -d "mysql+mysqlconnector://<HOST>:<PORT>/?read_default_file=<PATH_TO_MY_CNF>/my.cnf" `

For more info on LaunchIT, please see this announcement.