The Green Data Oasis (GDO) is a large data store (700 TB) on the unrestricted LLNL network. It is intended to facilitate the sharing of scientific data with external collaborators. The Livermore Computing program at LLNL manages it for the Multiprogrammatic and Institutional Computing (M&IC) Initiative and the Laboratory Science and Technology Office (LSTO).

GDO Hardware and System

GDO consists of a VM infrastructure and multiple Scalable Storage Units (SSUs). The front-end systems are Intel Xeon based running the TOSS 3 operating system. VMWare-based VM zones are used to create a virtual host for each project. This lets each project have its own IP addresses, run its own services, and do so in such a way as to not interfere with other projects. Fair share resource management is used to prevent one project from monopolizing resources to the exclusion of other projects. In summary:

GDO Front-End VM Servers (4) and Storage Servers (2)

  • Hypervisor: VMware ESXi
  • Model: Cisco Hyperflex
  • Processor Type: Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6240R CPU @ 2.40GHz (2 processors per node)
  • Logical Processors: 96 x 4 = 384 total
  • Physical Cores: 48 x 4 = 192 total
  • Memory: 768 GB x 4 = 3 TB total
  • Network: 2x25Gb per node
  • TOSS 3 (RHEL-7 based)
  • SSD storage + VAST storage
  • Each project has its own IP address, services, quotas

GDO Storage

  •   54 TB - SSD total on-node storage for I/O intensive projects
  • 650 TB - Vast 1x1 Universal Storage System with 4x Vast servers