All LLNL data placed onto the GDO must first be approved for general (unlimited) distribution through the Laboratory's Information Management and Review procedures.

This means that Unclassified Controlled Information (UCI) is not allowed anywhere on the GDO system. UCI, formerly known as Sensitive Unclassified Information (SUI), is unclassified information requiring control with respect to handling, storage, distribution, etc.


Q. How do I review and release a large dataset? It is too large to upload into the IM system.

A. You can review and release a large dataset by including a data summary when using the standard IM interface. Choose “Miscellaneous” as your document type. When you get to the point where the system asks for an upload, upload a written one-page summary of the dataset rather than the data itself. Mention in the summary that if the reviewers need to see the actual dataset, you will work with them to do so.

Q. My datasets take months or longer to generate (e.g., from computer simulations or gathering experimental data), and I want to share intermediate results before the simulation or experiment completes. How can I do this?

A. This can be done by putting your dataset into the IM system as a draft. This would give you the flexibility to enter it into the system when you first start and then do a final upload/summary when it is complete. You can then share with collaborators outside of the lab without having to enter a new IM request each time the dataset is updated.

Q. The data I want to share originates from collaborators offsite—e.g., at a university or research lab. If my external collaborators give me the data, and I in turn make that data available to others, do I need to do an R&R?

A. If the data came from others and was not funded in any part by the lab, it does not need to be reviewed. Note, however, that external data on the GDO must bear no legal responsibility for the Lab to protect it. It will be the project's responsibility to assure that the data has no associated legal implications.

Q. I heard about “blanket” R&R agreements that cover all data generated by a certain code or project. Is that still available?

A. No. As of October 2003 the lab no longer does blanket reviews. Consider using the draft approach outlined above for reviewing data from long-running simulations or experiments.