Users may now directly SSH to the majority of LC RZ systems login nodes utilizing your RZ RSA token. You no longer need to SSH to the RZ gateway as a first hop. Check your SSH configuration files as you may have automated the old two-hop process. It is still required that you start from either an LLNL IP (onsite or VPN) or an Tri-Lab IP via iHPC network.  RZ hosts now directly accept the required RZ tokens.

Systems accepting direct logins are:

  • RZAnsel
  • RZAlastor
  • RZGenie
  • RZHasgpu
  • RZManta
  • RZSlic
  • RZSonar
  • RZNavajo
  • RZThriller
  • RZTopaz

Please note that users will continue to login via RZGW in order to login to the  RZuseqlac* login nodes.  LC is working with the institution to allow direct logins RZVNC and hope to have this implemented shortly. (UPDATE: This was implemented on 9/30/19.) LC does not plan to modify the RZuseq login nodes to allow direct logins at this time.