NOTE The LC Hotline run out of B453 will be closed until further notice. 

However, the LC Consultants and Accounts Specialists will be working from home monitoring OCF systems and reading and replying to email sent to lc-hotline and lc-support.  Recall that Hotline hours are M-F 8:00AM-noon and 1:00PM-4:45PM.  LC Users can expect the following support until the Lab returns to normal operations:

  • All manner of support on all CZ and RZ production systems and services
  • CZ and RZ RSA SecurID token support, bank requests, group requests, account provisioning
  • Any issues reported on SCF or iSNSI systems will be documented by the Hotline staff and forwarded to LC Operations

LC will not be issuing any new RSA SecurID tokens until the Hotline is reopened.  And as always, after hours support will be provided by LC Operations Monday through Friday before 8:00AM and after 4:45PM plus on weekends.  Their direct number is 925-422-0484.  And please be reassured that many LC staff will be authorized to come on site in the event a critical issue arises with any LC service which LC Operations cannot resolve.

NOTE Because the Hotline itself will not be staffed we cannot at this time accept phone calls to 2-4531.

The single best way to reach us is by email: and  If you wish to speak to one of us please include your call back number in your email and one of the Hotline staff will call you back as soon as possible.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during these unprecedented times.