Livermore Computing (LC) now offers two methods for moving files from the Open Computing Facility (OCF) to the iSNSI network. In addition to the existing method using tape technology and computer operator ‘sneakernet,’ a new method available now uses an electronic One Way Link (OWL).

From OCF to iSNSI

Sending Files

File Transfer Host Name Alias Transfer Method Authentication Method
CZ only users: From OCF Collaboration Zone (CZ) or a desktop to the iSNSI snsifis OWL RSA OTP or Kerberos password of the day* snsitapefis tape
RZ users: From OCF Restricted Zone (RZ) or a desktop to the iSNSI rzsnsifis OWL CRYPTOCard OTP* rzsnsitapefis tape

*this method is discouraged. Transfers only occur during normal working hours.

Retrieving Files

Transfer Method Host Name Alias Command
OWL fastfis ftp, sftp, or Hopper
Tape fis ftp or Hopper

From iSNSI to OCF

Tape technology remains the only method available for users to transfer files from the iSNSI network to the OCF. To do this, users must first connect to tapefis on the iSNSI network. Data will be written to tape and transferred to the OCF by LC Operations staff. To retrieve transferred files on the OCF, users must connect to either snsitapefis (CZ) or rzsnsitapefis (RZ) depending on if the user is a CZ only or an RZ user.

PDF of TB496 for download and distribution.