To improve file system availability on the Secure Computing Facility (SCF), Livermore Computing (LC) will begin to cross-mount file systems so that they can be accessible from additional clusters.

This reverses some changes made to the Lustre systems in February 2014 in an effort to improve reliability and availability. Since then, LC has made significant enhancements to Lustre and how we monitor the file systems and networks. With these improvements, we believe we can once again cross-mount the lscratch3, lscratch6 and lscratch7 file systems to Zin, Inca, Juno and Muir. The schedule for cross-mounting is shown below:

Visual representation of cross-mounting schedule beginning on Wednesday, May 13 and ending on Wednesday, June 24.

At this time, lscratch1 will remain dedicated to Sequoia and Max. Once implemented, the SCF computing environment will have the following configuration.

Machine Name File System(s) Mounted Visualization Partition
lscratch1 Max/pvis
Zin lscratch3, lscratch6*, lscratch7 Zin/pvis
Juno lscratch3, lscratch6, lscratch7 Graph/views
Graph lscratch3, lscratch6, lscratch7 Graph/views
Muir lscratch3, lscratch6, lscratch7 Graph/views
Inca lscratch3, lscratch6, lscratch7 Graph/views
CSLIC lsctratch 1, lscratch3, lscratch6, lscratch7 N/A

*New systems noted in red

PDF of TB500 for download and distribution.