DEPRECATED This TB has been deprecated because the following utilities are now defunct: hsi2cielo, removed in 2015; hsi2slic, removed 1/23/19. Use scp instead.

Similar to FTP or NFT, Hierarchical Storage Interface (HSI) is a client for communicating with the storage system at Livermore Computing. HSI offers a modest level of concurrency in file transfers, although it does not have the level of reliability of NFT.

A new functionality has been implemented to allow HSI to interface with local and parallel file systems. In addition, a new script hsi2slic* is in place to communicate with servers running on SLIC nodes (both unclassified and classified networks).

On the classified side, similar scripts also exist on the RFTA machine at LANL and the LYNX machine at Sandia. The primary benefit of these scripts is to allow tri-lab users to move data back and forth between LANL/Sandia and LLNL without going through storage. Two specific scripts—hsi2cielo and hsi2lynx—allow users at Livermore to transfer files to those tri-lab sites.

Local users can also use hsi2slic* to move data between local and parallel file systems, with optimal performance on one of the SLIC systems. The following is an example of using hsi2slic* to move a directory structure:

cd/<source file system>
? cd /<sink file system>
? put–R <list of file names or directories>
...output from put command...
? quit

Note: the -R option is for recursion

Hopper Implementation

The hsi2slic* mechanism is also implemented within Hopper. From the Hopper drag-and-drop menu, users should select Copy Here (with options), check Display all transfer mechanisms and let me choose, and then pick HSI from the set of options.

More Information

For more information on HSI, please see Technical Bulletin 436.

PDF of TB501 for download and distribution.