Livermore Computing (LC) is pleased to announce the deployment of new, non-purged workspaces for all users and groups on LC systems (Collaboration Zone,CZ; Restricted Zone, RZ; and Secure Computing Facility, SCF), with a quota of 1TB per user. The first deployment will be on the CZ systems during the week of February 22, with RZ and SCF workspaces available in the following weeks.

The pathnames to these workspaces will be:

  • CZ:  /usr/workspace/ws[a,b]/<workspaceName>
  • RZ:  /usr/workspace/wsrz[c,d]/<workspaceName>
  • SCF: /usr/workspace/ws[1,2]/<workspaceName>

Ownership and permissions on these workspaces will be:

Workspace Ownership Permission Example
User owner = root, group = name of user 2570 (r-xrws--) root:fahey2
Group owner = root, group = name of group 2570 (r-xrws--) root:lchotline

These workspaces will be cross-mounted on all appropriate LC clusters. All files owned by a given user in each /usr/workspace file system will count towards that user’s quota—whether they are in a user workspace or a group workspace. Each subdirectory will have daily snapshots taken at 12:00 P.M. and 7:00 P.M. and will be kept for 7 days (14 snapshots in total).

Workspaces will not be backed up nor stored off-site. Workspaces will never be purged.  Because these file systems are shared using the Network File System (NFS) protocol, parallel I/O of the workspace to LC production clusters is highly discouraged.

Data in current /usr/wci directories on the RZ and SCF will be migrated to the new user workspaces. Because of this, a downtime will be necessary to perform the final data transfer to the new workspaces. LC will announce this downtime via news items, whiteboard entries and by email. No downtime will be necessary when the CZ workspaces enter production.

PDF of TB505 for download and distribution.