Livermore Computing (LC) is pleased to announce the deployment of new 100-TB /nfs/tmp file systems on the Collaboration Zone (CZ), the Restricted Zone (RZ), and the Secure Computing Facility (SCF). The /nfs/tmp file systems provide temporary file space on LC production machines.

The following outlines the changes to the naming conventions during the deployment period. Please note that four weeks after deploying the new /nfs/tmp2 file system, LC will retire the existing /nfs/tmp2 file system on the CZ, RZ, and SCF.

/nfs/tmp deplyoment schedule beginning on April 25 and ending on May 24

Because these are very large file systems that are primarily designated for temporary files, LC cannot copy all the data from the old file system to the new. Users need to copy what they deem important from the old file system to the new file system. Users should migrate their needed data to the new file systems well before May 24. The data on the old file systems will be irretrievably lost on that date. Please use oslic on the CZ, rzslic on the RZ, and cslic on the SCF for data transfers.

There is a 2-TB usage limit per user in the /nfs/tmp2 file systems, and as with the other temporary file systems, the data will not be backed up and will be purged on an as-needed basiswhen the file system exceeds 80% utilization.

PDF of TB507 for download and distribution.