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Technical Bulletin #508: B451 and B4525 Power Outages

Published on: 
May 10, 2016

Livermore Computing (LC) will be conducting facility work that requires two full power outages of Buildings 451 and 4525. Based on the availability of LLNL and LC electricians and staff, the first outage is scheduled from June 3–June 6, 2016.  The second outage will be scheduled on a later date, no later than 9/23/2016. The two outage schedules are detailed below:

Outage 1 Outage 2
June 3 TBD 4 PM All Open Computing Facility (OCF) production systems taken off-line and powered down. Running jobs will be cancelled, but queued jobs should not be lost. Systems and network maintenance begins.
June 4 TBD 7 AM Power to B4525 and B451 office tower and computer room turned off.
June 5 TBD 6 PM Power to B4525 and B451 office tower and computer room restored.
June 6 TBD Noon All OCF production clusters and services restored and available.

The power outages will impact the following LC services and resources:

  • No electrical power to offices in B451 and B4525
  • All Collaboration Zone (CZ) and Restricted Zone (RZ) OCF production systems unavailable
  • CZ and RZ High Performance Storage System (HPSS) archival storage will be unavailable

The following LC services and resources will not be impacted by the power outages:

  • All Secure Computing Facility resources and production systems
  • The green network resources: Green Data Oasis

PDF of TB508 for download and distribution.