DEPRECATEDThis TB has been superseded by TB#526

The High Performance Storage System (HPSS) archival storage system at Livermore Computing (LC) imposes a yearly growth-based quota. Reset each year on fiscal year boundaries, the FY18 (10/1/2017-9/30/2018) storage quotas per user are as follows:

  • Open Computing Facility (OCF) yearly growth quota: 255TB
  • Secure Computing Facility (SCF) yearly growth quota: 285TB

Users may arrange with their programs to receive additional allocation from programmatic "pools" if their yearly growth may go beyond these boundaries. Contact an LC Accountant Specialist (925-422-4531, option 2) to get information on your program contact.

The archival quota system will notify users, administrators, and managers of any users exceeding their archival data growth allowance during a fiscal year. In addition, users who have far exceeded their annual growth allowance for five consecutive weeks will be automatically blocked.

When a quota is exceeded, the notification system sends weekly email with the following messages:

Warning Users exceed yearly allocations
Critical Users excessively grow beyond the yearly allocations.
Blocked After five weeks and reminders to clean up, users will be denied access to the archives.

Access will be restored within 24 hours if users either clean up below their total allowance or receive additional allocation from a programmatic pool manager.

Archival Pools

A user is automatically given quota allocations in three pools as they store data. Every user is assigned a 1.5 TB allocation in the Default pool. As they pass 1.5 TB of growth, users are automatically given a 13.5 TB allocation in the midpool. Users exceeding 15 TB of growth are automatically given an allocation in largepool. The largepool allocation in OCF is 240TB, and in SCF it is 270TB, resulting in a total allowance of 255TB in OCF and 285TB in SCF. Users growing beyond their allocation in all three pools will need to receive allocations from programmatic pools.


To manage the quota system, the aquota (archive quota) is available from any Oslic node on the OCF (for CZ-only users), RZslic (for CZ/RZ users), and any Cslic node on the SCF. In particular, the show allowance command (requires a valid kerberos ticket obtained with kinit) will reveal a user’s current yearly growth along with details of their programmatic pools, as illustrated below:

Welcome to HPSS Quota Server
aq> show allowance
Pool Name                Pool Manager    Allowance
--------------------     -------------   ---------
Default                  lc-hotline      1.5 TB
midpool                  lc-hotline      13.5TB
largepool                lc-hotline      240.0 TB
Total                                    255.0 TB  
From 10/01/2017 through 10/04/2017:
608 files created
16.6 TB of data used. 7.06% of total.
Avg. Per Month: 16.6 TB
Total Data:   79.9 TB
Total files: 11909

More Information

For more information on yearly quota, please see Technical Bulletins 459502 and 511.