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Technical Bulletin #522: LC Lustre File System Retirement Schedule

February 19, 2018

Livermore Computing has established a schedule for the retirement of a number of our older lustre file systems that have fallen off warranty.  Each file system will go through a similar process during its retirement.  Initially each file system will be remounted on current clients in read-only mode for a two-week period. Jobs holding up the re-mounting of the file system will be killed. This time period is to allow users to ensure appropriate changes have been made to their applications.  For the remaining four weeks the file system will be mounted in read-only mode *only* on the SLIC clusters (oslic, rzslic, cslic), allowing users to copy off data they wish to keep.  After the six-week period the file systems will be retired and all data will no longer be retrievable.

The list of file systems to be retired and their scheduled dates are listed in the table below.  Also please be aware that LC will be standing up two new 15PB file systems later this year, one each on the CZ and SCF.  These will enter production prior to the retirement of lscratch d, e, 6 and 7.

Red text = UPDATED May, 8, 2018

  Read-Only mounting all clients Read-Only mounting slic clusters Decommissioned Remounted
lscratchrzb 1-Mar 15-Mar 13-Apr  
lscratch3 3-Apr 17-Apr 22-May  
lscratchf 17-Jul 31-Jul 14-Aug 28-Aug
lscratche 29-Jun 17-Jul 31-Jul  
lscratchd 2-Oct 16-Oct 12-Nov  
lscratchv 1-Nov 15-Nov 13-Dec  
lscratch6 13-Dec 2-Jan 30-Jan  
lscratch7 13-Dec 2-Jan 30-Jan