Livermore Computing has recently deployed servers on the CZ and RZ — CZapps and RZapps — to host services and tools intended to improve users’ workflows. These tools include persistent data services (PDS) commonly associated with “cloud” infrastructures as well as workflow managers like Fireworks. Available databases include MongoDB, MariaDB, as well as message broker services like RabbitMQ and Redis. These services are orchestrated by OpenShift which is built upon Kubernetes.

Livermore Computing also now supports Singularity, a container service and alternative to Docker.

Additionally, LC now provides user-facing object storage on the CZ. Plans are underway to deploy in the RZ in the coming months and in the SCF next fiscal year.

Livermore Computing first announced its work to enable users with these capabilities at the December 2020 LC users’ meeting. For more information, see online documentation at and tech bulletin #540 with slides from the December users’ meeting.