On March 31, 2022 at 12:00pm LC will begin implementing disk quotas on the /p/gpfs1 file system mounted on Lassen.  Quotas will be similar to those already in place on /p/lustre1 and /p/lustre2, with a Tier 1 quota of 20TB, a Tier 2 quota of 70TB and Tier 3 quota for any quota > 70TB.  Because the filesystem has been in production for some time, and many users have written a significant amount of data to it already, we will set quotas as follows: 

  • If current usage is less than 90% of tier 1, then set to tier 1
  • If current usage is less than 90% of tier 2, then set to tier 2
  • If current usage is > 70 TB then set quota to 30% over current usage*** 

Currently you can view your quota and usage in the ‘My Disk Usage’ portlet on mylc.llnl.gov here: 


file system # files  # bytes quota pct
lassen:/p/gpfs1     20t ##%

LC has developed a script called gquota which you will be able to use to see this information on login nodes of Lassen.  The gquota script is located in /usr/bin.

*** If you are currently in Tier 3 please expect to be contacted by LC to discuss your disk needs with the goal of moving down to Tier 2, or if necessary, remain at Tier 3 for a finite period of time.  Similar to Tier 3 on lustre, periodic reviews and approvals for Tier 3 quotas will be required.