Tri-lab subject matter experts working under the Remote Computing Enablement (RCE) project have developed the capability to run continuous integration (CI) workloads across the three HPC centers in the restricted unclassified network space of the larger IHPC unclassified network. These networks include the LLNL RZ (Restricted Zone), the LANL RE (Restricted Enclave), and the Sandia RR (Restricted Region). This is a GitLab based capability with each of the three sites having their own instance.

On 5/2/2023, it will be possible for LLNL users to work in the Livermore Computing RZ GitLab instance and run build/test CI jobs on LANL’s Trinitite system without having to login to that host. Likewise, it is possible for LANL or SNL users to work within their own GitLab instances in the RE or RR, respectively, to launch CI jobs on, for example, rzAnsel.

Users still need to maintain remote accounts, as ever. LANL and Sandia personnel who already have accounts on LLNL runner host machines should be able to run CI jobs on those hosts without needing any further approval in SARAPE.

Please note, not all compute resources will have remote CI capabilities. At the above GA date, LC's RZ resources for remote CI are rzAnsel and rzVernal. LANL's RE resource is Trinitite. In the future, we expect:

  • an expanding of the cross-site restricted unclassified capabilities to include the Sandia RR compute resources such as Lux, the LANL RE Crossroads class system known as Rocinante
  • to make this cross-site CI capability available in the classified (iSRD) network.

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