LC Hotline: 2-4531

From offsite: (925) 422-4531



8am–12pm, 1–4:45pm
B453 R1103 | Q-clearance area

Should I call LC Hotline or LivIT?

I need help with...


LivIT Service Desk


Press the following number:

LC Hotline

Desktop (Mac/PC/Linux) operating systems1 
Desktop site-licensed software (e.g., Microsoft Office)1 
Entrust (classified)3 
Entrust (unclassified) requests, general information1 
Institutional Atlassian (,, 
iSRD (Desktops)3 
LC Atlassian, LC Web (, X
LC high-performance computing systems
(accounts, access, running jobs, etc.)
Laptops on foreign travel (LOFT)1 
Mailing lists (subscribe or unsubscribe); listserv list management (general)1 
Mailing lists for LC machine status (subscribe or unsubscribe) X
Mathematica, MATLAB X
OpenLabNet network or printer1 
OTP / RSA Token (related to accessing an LC machine) X
OTP / RSA Token (general use); forgotten PIN1 
OUN, AD; change, forgotten, test1 
PIN (for OTP / RSA Token); change or reset1 
PIN, classified (for OTP / RSA Token)3 
SSH (related to accessing an LC machine) X
VNC to LC systems X
VPN (general use)1 
X-windows (related to display from an LC machine) X