SecureNet Classified Guest Account Request Form

User Information - Please read first

A completed form is required for all users requesting classified or restricted computer resource(s).

This interactive web page creates a printable account request form email for classified or restricted SecureNet and ASC computing resources. Do not print this page as the form you send in. You must use the SUBMIT button below to generate an email with the correct form that can be printed and sent in.

To request an account for Tri-Lab ASC (LANL, LLNL, SNL) classified computing resources, use the SNL SARAPE form. If you want to request other non-Tri-Lab ASC classified SecureNet resources or classified SNL applications, use this form.

This interactive web page uses information supplied by you to generate the form; the fields in Section I will be filled in and you will only need to get the appropriate signatures on the form before mailing it in. Don't forget to read or print the instructions for this form as necessary. (You can click on the specific linked form items for which you need assistance.)

When you have filled in the fields below, follow the next instructions carefully:

  1. Press the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page to create the email that can be printed. This form will be sent to you as an email. Print out the form. Once it is printed, sign Section I on the printed form. If you are requesting Livermore Computing resources you must also sign the Livermore Computing Policies and Procedures form that is included (this is not included if you do not request LLNL resources). The printed form will be more than one page—just staple all of the pages together.
  2. Have your manager fill out and sign Section II of the printed form. Once signed and approved by your manager, send it on to the Guest Processing Agency or your host representative for authorization. Find the names of your Host Contact and Guest Processing Agency on the SecureNet Host Contacts and Guest Processing Agencies Web page.

The Guest Processing Agency will complete Section III and send it on to the Host Processing Agency at the site where you requested ASC resources for final processing and authorization. You can use the SecureNet Host Contacts and Guest Processing Agencies Web page to locate your HPA representatives.  If you are unclear about where the form is to be sent, check with your host contact.

Reminder: Your request cannot be processed until the completed, signed form has been processed and authorized by both Guest and Host Agencies.

Guest Information
The "guest information" section is completed by the guest (the person requesting the computing resources). The guest must sign this section.
Your full name (the name of the person filling out this form).
Your phone number (phone number of the person filling out this form).
Your Social Security Number
Your citizenship.
The name of your site (Honeywell FM&T/KC, DOE/ABQ, DOE/HQ, INEEL, LANL, LLNL, PANTEX, SNL/NM, SNL/CA, SRS or Y12).
The name of your organization or group at your site.
Your mailing address (including city, state, and zip) at your site.
(such as,
(such as,
Your mail stop at your site (if applicable).
The name of your personal desktop computer from which you will access the requested computing resources.
The IP address of your personal desktop computer from which you will access the requested computing resources.
Your Kerberos or OTP username (at guest's site)
Your Kerberos Realm (at guest's site)
  • For LLNL users: All users of already have OTP accounts in the classified production Kerberos realm at LLNL. If you need an OTP account or aren't sure, contact the Hotline (, 925-422-4531).
  • For LANL users: Contact to get a cross-realm account.
  • For Sandia users: All Sandians that have IRN Kerberos accounts should use the same name as their Kerberos name. Contact Glenn Machin (, (505) 844-8828) to get a cross-realm account.
Host Access Information
The "host access information" is to be completed and signed by the guest's manager or supervisor.

Use the Host Contact and GPA Table to find your host contact. This table should be used by approved users who are only requesting ASC resources from the host site. You must have submitted a proposal and been approved for ASC resources before filling out this form. If you are requesting non-ASC resources, you must have a point of contact (which will be your host contact) at the site where you are requesting resources. If you are not sure who your host contact is, ask your local site representative for assistance.

Name of site where the computer resource is located that you wish to use.

**Please Note: Do not select a Host site that is the same as Guest site. This form is used to request resources at a site other than your own. If you wish to request resources at your own site, please contact your site representative for information.**

Name and phone number of the contact who can authorize you to use the resources at the Host site.
What is your "desired" username (3 - 12 characters)?
What are your Sigma levels? (list all). Put "don't know" if you do not know.
Which computer resource you would like access to? If the resource you are requesting is not listed in the chart, please use the Other Resource box to list it.
If requesting non-ASC resources or any resource not listed here, please list them in this box.
LANL Users (or if you are requesting LANL resources) only: please supply your LANL Z Number if known.
LANL Users (or if you are requesting LANL resources) only: please supply a brief description or your project name, if known.

To request Y12 resources, fill out and include the Y-12 SecureNet Resource Access Request Form and the User Security Agreement for Classified Computing Resources when you send in your request.