Lassen is similar to the classified Sierra system, but smaller in size:  ~20 petaflops peak performance vs. Sierra's 125 petaflops peak performance.

Lassen was formerly referred to as uSierra (or unclassified Sierra.)

Availability tentatively scheduled for Fall, 2018.

System Details (subject to change on final install) Lassen (aka uSierra)
Zone CZ
Nodes 684
POWER9 processors per node 2
GV100 (Volta) GPUs per node 4
Node Peak (tFLOP/s) 29.1
System Peak (pFLOP/s) 19.9
Node Memory (GiB) 320
System Memory (PiB) 0.209
Interconnect 2x IB EDR
Off-Node Aggregate b/w (GB/s) 45.5
Compute racks 38
Network and Infrastructure racks 4
Storage Racks 4
Total racks 46
Peak Power (MW) ~1.8