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Bronis at a podium speaking to SC audience

First-ever hybrid Supercomputing conference sports strong Lab flavor

November 24, 2021

For the first time ever, the 2021 International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis (SC21) went hybrid, with dozens of both in-person and virtual workshops, technical paper presentations, panels, tutorials and “birds of a feather” sessions.

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Ignacio accepting the award in front of a large projection screen

LLNL team wins SC21 Reproducibility Advancement Award

November 18, 2021

A suite developed by an LLNL team to simplify evaluation of approximation techniques for scientific applications has won the first-ever Best Reproducibility Advancement Award for approximation framework at SC21.

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stylized image of supercomputer racks

Using supercomputers to optimize hot rolling for the steels of tomorrow

November 9, 2021

In a project with U.S. Steel, LLNL computational physicists built models of the hot-rolling process to run on LLNL’s HPC platforms. The models track the steel from reheat-furnace dropout through the subsequent steps of rolling, cooling on the runout table, coiling and, finally, post-rolling cooling.

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RZ Nevada system

Early access systems at LLNL mark progress toward El Capitan

October 25, 2021

The DOE's Exascale Computing Project compiled a video playlist for Exascale Day on October 18 (10^18).

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HPV visual

LLNL joins Human Vaccines Project to accelerate vaccine development and understanding of immune response

October 21, 2021

LLNL will lend its expertise in vaccine research—most recently from designing new antibodies and antiviral drugs for COVID-19—and computing resources to the Human Vaccines Project consortium to aid development of a universal coronavirus vaccine and improve understanding of immune response.

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flux logo next to R&D 100 logo

Flux software wins 2021 R&D 100 Award

October 21, 2021

The renowned worldwide competition announced the winners of the 2021 R&D 100 Awards, among them LLNL's Flux workload management software framework in the Software/Services category.

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ECFM with "Exascale Day 10.18.21" on it

Powering up: LLNL prepares for exascale with massive energy and water upgrade

October 18, 2021

To prepare for the exascale El Capitan and the next generation of power-hungry supercomputers, construction crews and maintenance workers at LLNL have been hard at work since late 2019 and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic on a massive, $100 million Exascale Computing Facility Modernization project. 

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team looks on to previous generation supercomputer

NNSA taps Dell Technologies to provide expanded computing resources for stockpile stewardship

September 21, 2021

The second Commodity Technology Systems contract will provide at least $40 million for more than 40 petaflops (40 quadrillion floating-point operations per second) of expanded computing capacity for the NNSA Tri-Labs (LLNL, LANL and SNL).

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blue simulation in the shape of a square with cross section

Lawrence Livermore-led effort one of nine DOE-funded data reduction projects

September 16, 2021

Using the zfp open source software, researchers can vary the compression ratio to any desired setting, from 10:1 (shown on the left) to 250:1 (on the right), where compression errors become apparent.

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Ignacio Laguna in front of a diagram about heterogeneous computing

DOE-funded project to advance portability of heterogeneous HPC applications

September 14, 2021

LLNL computer scientist Ignacio Laguna and team will examine one of the major challenges as supercomputers become increasingly heterogeneous — the numerical aspects of porting scientific applications to different HPC platforms. 

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ATOM consortium logo

LLNL/ATOM engagement with Purdue introduces students to drug design modeling

August 9, 2021

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and The Data Mine learning community at Purdue University are partnering to speed up drug design using computational tools under the Accelerating Therapeutic Opportunities in Medicine (ATOM) project.

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Screenshot of presentation

Developing scientific code on the world’s fastest computers

June 10, 2021

While our world class supercomputers garner a lot of attention (we have more computers on the top 500 list as of June 2021 than any other institution!), our use of these amazing machines is enabled by the codes developed to model and simulate complex physical phenomena on massively parallel architectures.

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detonation simulation image

Lawrence Livermore team looks at nuclear weapon effects for near-surface detonations

June 7, 2021

A paper in the Proceedings A of the Royal Society Publishing highlights findings by a Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory team on how nuclear weapon blasts close to the Earth’s surface create complications in their effects and apparent yields. The work is featured on the front cover of the publication.

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Nisha Mullakken

COVID-19 detection and analysis with Nisha Mulakken

June 3, 2021

In this episode, guest Nisha Mulakken sits down with TDS to discuss COVID-19 detection and analysis.

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Flux: Enabling Modern Supercomputing Workflows

May 26, 2021

Flux’s fully hierarchical resource management and graph-based scheduling features improve the performance, portability, flexibility, and manageability of both traditional and complex scientific workflows on many types of computing systems—in the cloud, at remote locations, on a laptop, or on next-generation architectures.

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ISC21 event calendar

May 24, 2021

Lawrence Livermore will participate in the ISC High Performance Conference (ISC21) on June 24 through July 2. The online event brings together the HPC community—from research centers, commercial companies, academia, national laboratories, government agencies, exhibitors, and more—to share the latest technology of interest to HPC developers and users.

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LLNL, IBM and Red Hat joining forces to explore standardized HPC resource management interface

April 28, 2021

LLNL, IBM and Red Hat are combining forces to develop best practices for interfacing HPC schedulers and cloud orchestrators, an effort designed to prepare for emerging supercomputers that take advantage of cloud technologies.

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Brain and chip abstract image

The U.S. Exascale Computing Project

April 28, 2021

The DOE’s Exascale Computing Project (ECP) is accelerating delivery of a capable exascale computing ecosystem to provide breakthrough modeling and simulation solutions to address the most critical challenges in scientific discovery, energy assurance, economic competitiveness, and national security. Computing principal deputy associate director and ECP deputy director Lori Diachin describes the ECP’s goals and the Laboratory's role. 

Lori Diachin talks about the U.S. Exascale Computing Project

Bronis is an HPC Person to Watch

De Supinski named one of HPCwire’s 'People to Watch'

April 13, 2021

The high performance computing industry publication HPCwire named Bronis R. de Supinski, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s chief technology officer for Livermore Computing, as one of its People to Watch for 2021.

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Screenshot of conference

COVID-19 HPC Consortium Reflects on Past Year

April 1, 2021

COVID-19 HPC Consortium scientists and stakeholders met virtually on March 23 to mark the consortium’s one-year anniversary.

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