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Technical Bulletin #489: File Interchange Service Update

Published on: 
February 11, 2014

Livermore Computing (LC) currently offers two methods for moving files from the Open Computing Facility (OCF) to the Secure Computing Facility (SCF). One method uses an electronic One Way Link (OWL), and the other uses tape technology and computer operator “sneakernet.” Moving files from the SCF to the OCF uses only tape technology/sneakernet for file transfers. There is no OWL available to transfer files from the SCF to the OCF.

On Tuesday, February 11, LC changed the implementation and naming conventions used for these file transfer methods. Users should note the following.

  • Because the IP addresses for FIS and RZFIS changed, users who use the SFTIP and SCP protocols for file transfers will need to remove the FIS and/orRZFIS lines from their known_hosts file in their .ssh directory.
  • Users curently connecting to or using FastFIS or RZFastFIS will see no changes.
  • Users currently connecting to or using FIS or RZFIS will now be utilizing the OWL for their transfers instead of tape technology.
  • Tape technology for transferring files from the OCF to the SCF will be renamed to TapeFIS and RZTapeFIS. We do not recommend you use TapeFIS or RZTapeFIS to transfer files from the OCF to the SCF.
  • Users who need to transfer files from the SCF to the OCF must now connect to TapeFIS on the SCF and RZTapeFIS/TapeFIS on the OCF.
File Transfer Host Name Alias Transfer Method Authentication Method
CZ only users: From OCF Collaboration Zone (CZ) or a desktop to the SCF fastfis.llnl.gove*
RSA OTP or Kerberos password of the day
RZ users: From OCF Restricted Zone (RZ) or a desktop to the SCF*


SCF users: From SCF to OCF** tapefis tape RSA OTP or Kerberos password of the day

* This method is discouraged. Transfers only occur during normal working hours.
** Required for SCF to OCF transfers.

Files will be queued for transfer within 5 minutes of submission to FastFIS or FIS, but users will not receive e-mail notification of the file’s arrival at its destination. The file should be accessible in the FROM directory on the SCF approximately 10 minutes after submission. If the file does not appear in the FROM directory on the SCF within 15 minutes, please call the LC Hotline.

Hopper Usage

Hopper users who select the “Connect to Fis (Fastfis)” or the “Connect to Rzfis (Rzfastfis)” will now be utilizing the OWL for your file transfers. “Connect to Tapefis” or “Connect to Rztapefis” will use the tape method. Those not using the latest versi on of Hopper will not see the “Connect to Tapefis” or “Connect to Rztapefis” options and should either update Hopper or use the generic “Connect to Remote” option to manually enter the correct hostname. The latest version of Hopper is installed on LC platforms. If Hopper is not available on your desktop system, it can be downloaded from (OCF) or (SCF).


The maximum file size for FastFIS transfer is 10 GB. Please submit no more than 20 GB total of data to be transferred at one time and delete your files from the SCF after you retrieve them.


Consult the FIS Manual at for additional documentation.

PDF of TB489 for download and distribution.