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Training Materials

Most training materials are kept online. They cover a range of topics related to parallel programming and using LC's HPC systems.



Last Updated

Introduction To Parallel Computing EC3500 06/25/2018
Livermore Computing Resources and Environment EC3501 08/01/2018
Slurm and Moab EC4045 06/27/2018
Using LC's Sierra Systems   08/01/2018
Sierra Systems Getting Started Workshop   08/01/2018
Using the Sequoia and Vulcan BG/Q Systems EC4071 05/21/2018
Linux Clusters Overview EC3516 06/21/2018
Message Passing Interface (MPI) EC3505 06/06/2018
Advanced MPI   09/13/2007
POSIX Threads Programming EC3506 03/17/2017
OpenMP EC3507 06/28/2018
TotalView Debugger EC3508 06/14/2018
CORAL Early Access Systems Getting Started Workshop   04/19/2017
Parallel Performance Evaluation Using TAU   08/28/2018
NVIDIA OpenACC Workshop Slides
Exercises installed under /usr/global/docs/training/nvidia/openACC on CZ systems
Updates and User Training for the MPI tools Vampir and MUST 
VampirMUSTHands-onMUST advancedVampir advanced, Wrap-up

NOTE: The following tutorials contain dated or obsolete material which may still be of value to some, and are therefore being kept for archival purposes

Archival Tutorials


Last Updated

Performance and Correctness with the Vampir Tool-Suite and MUST   05/30/2012
Using the Dawn BG/P System EC4070 01/23/2014
BG/L Information   01/23/2014
Using ASC Purple   08/24/2011
IBM POWER Systems Overview EC3503 08/24/2011
Performance Analysis Tools and Topics for LC'S IBM SP Systems   01/23/2014
Gaining Insight into Parallel Program Performance using HPCToolkit   08/13/2012
ASC Tri-Lab Code Development Tools Workshop EC3504  08/02/2010
IBM HPC Toolkit   07/23/2009
A Holistic Approach Towards Automatic Performance Analysis and Tuning   07/23/2009
Red Storm / XT3 Workshop   05/14/2007
Using Scientific Python   09/18/2007
Scientific Python II   09/18/2007
Using Python Numeric   09/18/2007
MPI Parallel Programming In Python   09/18/2007